Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Mind Revealed by Fasting

I've decided to do a little fasting. The many years of life experimenting on this body have taken their toll. It could use some cleaning up on the inside. In these first few days I have become aware that while I am not particularly hungry, I have these thoughts of food. "Time to eat" "That looks good" and "Time for a treat". I was out watering my garden and felt the urge to eat a tomato that was ripe and caught myself. These Ideas show up out of nowhere and quickly fade.

I was (in the distant past) a heavy smoker. Back when it was two dollars a pack. Any one who has quit smoking even for a day knows the torment and nagging of the habit. It is the main reason people don't quit. It makes you crazy for at least three days before you begin to be able to think straight again. I am beginning to see that food has a similar tug. With hypnosis training and practice I have come to understand that the subconscious mind helps us do just about everything with out thinking. We brush our teeth, take a shower, get our coffee and drive to work all with very little thinking. Our subconscious mind creates patterns to allow our conscious mind to do other things. That's why it's so stressful to move, get divorced or lose a loved one. Our mind has to consciously recreate all new patterns.

Could it be that food in our society has become an addiction? We obviously don't need to eat as much as most of us are eating. Evidenced by our growing over weight population. Are most of us emotional eaters? Our world is moving faster and faster. We have to know more and more and time is ruling our lives. In the fifty's we ate much smaller portions than we do today. These days Moms are rarely home making a health meal for us. Remember those days? We are very often rushing around so much that we feel the urge to stop at a convenience store or coffee shop to get some energy pick me up to continue on. How many energy drinks can you possibly offer the American public? Most of us are sorely in need of an internal way to relieve Stress Now.

Almost every client I encounter has some level of stress and I help them address this first before any other issue can be cleared. How do you distress now that your too old to suck on a pacifier or carry your "Blankie". This fast has given me time to observe an aspect of my self that I had not notices before. I know I would not have had this opportunity to change if I had not interrupted my trance like eating habits. When ever I feel the urge to eat and quit the fast I hear my self crying "Freedom" inside my head and that feels really great.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friends and family kept telling me how easy blogging is and I could only think "how will I find the time to keep up with a blog?" In my mind I can hear the statement "Now that I am up and running it's going to be a down hill ride." I don't really believe that. I have many limiting beliefs just like almost every other human being. But I am willing to challenge my limiting beliefs and make a new choice. One I may not have considered or thought possible before.

So Welcome to my new blog dedicated to "Expansive Trance"

My hypnosis back ground has taught me that there are so many ways to easily clear limiting beliefs and behaviors. I am excited to share some of them with you all. The No Resistance Weight loss Program is helping people change their life style and support healthy weight and vitality. The anti-phobia protocol is changing lives by removing deep seeded fears. I am also building my stage hypnosis show called "Expansive Trance". This show is entertaining and amazing.